Frontier Fitness Club
500 S Highway 80, Benson, AZ, 85602                                             520-586-3326

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Certified Instructors

Rich Cortes
Owner / Personal Trainer

Hello All ! I am Rich, one of the owners of Frontier Fitness Club

I have over 45 years of exercise experience. My certification is as a NSCA personal trainer.  As a trainer I strive to spread physical wellness across our community with personal training, physical recovering and knowledge. My goal is to create an atmosphere for all to feel free to improve and maintain one's health.

Melanie Russell
Gentle Yoga Instructor

Hello Everyone, my name is Melanie Russell

Engaged in the practice of Yoga since 1999. 
Certified in Integral Yoga at Yogaville, Buckingham, VA. I've also trained in Iyengar, Kundalini and Ashtanga-style Yoga. The classes that I am currently offering are very gentle and accessible to all, through the use of props (Iyengar-style)but with a firm grounding in the gentle flow of Integral Yoga Class Content varies depending on the overall level of the studentswith graduated levels of difficulty being offered for most posesIndividual attention is offered, as time allows, in this 75 to 85 minute class.

Mary Malboeuf 
Yoga Instructor

Hello, my name is Mary

I am the yoga instructor here at Frontier Fitness Club. I have always had an active lifestyle with some sort of exercise in my life. I first tried yoga here at the Frontier Fitness Club the summer of 2007 and loved it the first time i did it. Coming regularly i found yoga to be the best all around exercise with amazing benefits for everyone. I decided to go for some training to improve my own practice and maybe have the opportunity to substitute for our regular instructor here at the club. I realized quickly that i would need to teach on a regular basis to be able to substitute, but within 6 months, the instructor left. I now teach 4 classes a week. With consistent yoga practice you will gain not only flexibility but strength and balance.
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